Siberian Husky Photos


Please enjoy some of our favorite photos from over the years.




Karen, Dominic & " Joker " Our Kennel


"Justin" puppy "Martika" & grand daughter Calley


"Niki" ("Jazz" son) "Justin" & "Martika" pups at 6 weeks


"Sheiba" ("Cali" & "Joker") "Niko" ("Page" & "Nikki")


Ch. Blueridge Soma's Jo-Kar - Joker Ch. Jo-Kar's Most Wanted - "Dalton"


Karen's son Shawn Howl!


"Chiya" - Always a lady "Justin" kids


"Nitro", Karen's co-worker Ch. Jo-Kar's Sweet Melody


Heather and friend at 4-H camp Heather & puppies


"Taylor" ("Mercedes" son) after a hard days night Heather, "Chiya", her pups & Kizzi (Yorkie)


Merry Christmas, the Klyns ("Mercedes" & "Dalton") Heather, "Chiya" & Yorkie "Luvi" at bedtime


Grand daughter Calley & "Martika" "Nitro"


"Niko" at work in a music video Shelley and Donnie's first child "Dakota"
Jo-Kar's Call of the Wild,CD,BN,RN,RA



"Chiya " & "Justin " "Jack" - Jo-Kar's Stack The Deck
Owner: Bob Marchese


Pixel     Cole

"Pixel" - Jo-Kar's Pixel Perfect
Owner: Deanna Cooper
"Cole" - Jo-Kar's Belthazar's Dark Side
Owner: April Peters


Jo-Kar's If I Could Turnbak Time    Cherokee

"Cher" - Jo-Kar's If I Could Turnbak Time
Owner: Joe Hill
Jo-Kar's Grand Cherokee


Niko    Nadia

"Niko" - Jo-Kar's Back To The Future
Owners: The Cooks.
"Nadia" - Jo-Kar's All Or Nothing
Owners: Pete & Rick


Mariah daughter    Mariah daughter

"Ky" - Mariah daughter - Owners, Sarah & Shawn Canepa, Washington.


Mia    Mia

"Mia" - Jo-Kar's Mia Liadan Cavanaugh, C.G.C.


Lias    Alli

"Lias" - Jo-Kar's Siberian Lnds Snow King
Owners: Marina Drigalova, Moscow, Russia
Owners: Condorodis family



"Dyna" - Jo-Kar's Sugar Land Dynasty
Owners: Jalerran Siberians





Gage    Gage

"Gage" with Wyatt "Gage" - Briarwood N Jo-Kar The Heat Izon



"WWA Colino+ "
Out of Borsalino K (Encore Ali - Keepsake V by Huckleberry Bey) & Colombia (Khemosabi - Otrysa by Cytrys). Colino is one of the few Arabs sired by Borsalino K while he was in the U.S. He now standing at the famous training center Ca di Gianni in Italy.